Saturday, July 19, 2008

I was tagged by Monica

This is the original 67 Malibu, how cool!!
I was tagged by my scrappy friend Monica (piano Mom).

10 years ago I was...working in a bank part time, I had just become a grandmother for the first time. I was thrilled beyond words and still am.

5 things to do today...1. chat with my family later,2. keep resting up from my recent surgery, 3 talk about scrapbooking with my DD, 4. maybe a nap..5 look at my page map mag and plan some pages.

Snack I enjoy...right now my fav is sugar free popcicles (orange), I'm diabetic so try to be good. Another is Hershey's with almonds. Not too often though

Things I would do if I was a millionaire...finish all the little things that are bugging me around my house. Really help my kids and take care of college. Go on a few really nice trips. Buy a little camp on one of the near by lakes. Bring all my pea friends together for a bash..

OK, I'll tag, ?? Anyone who hasn't already done this or who wants to update. OK

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Lori K said...

Hope you get your list done today Lizzy, esp the rest from surgery! Great blog!