Friday, September 12, 2008

Feeling good, but old.

This was such a great day. I'm working on a LO about our Calcutta tournament. The Friday night couples league has it every year. We played with our friends Linda and Paul. We didn't end up in the money, but we hadn't bet too much either, so no big loss.
This brings me to how I feel. I'm signing up for SS this month, so you know my age. I just don't want to look or feel as old as I am.. Some days I don't, but then there are some days, when the rain is falling and the wind is blowing and the leaves are coming down, that I really feel over the hill. Today was one of those days. I had to go to the doctors for a routine check. I have diabetes and the usual HBP, and other crap. She really doesn't do anything but look at my meds and listen to my lungs and heart and palpate my neck. I really don't think she even looked at my feet, even though I took my socks off.. Oh well. I got some new scritps and was on my way. But I felt old and like a hag. Took myself out to lunch with a new digi scrap mag, and just looked out the window at the rain. Some how it helped. The moral, ..... well, I think, at this time of my life, I have to be my own best friend and do the things that make me happy and feel good.


Theresa said...

Awesome photo of you. You have to scrap that one! BTW, you're only as old as you feel so shape up the ole attitude there missy--you've got a lot of living yet to do.

Monica M said...

Lizzy, I love that pic!!