Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Going Home? I love Florida

Maybe I'll take some pictures of what I may bring and get some opinions. How would you like to help me decorate by Florida home?
This looks very white, but I'm making valances for the front windows which are two bay windows side by side and extent into the dining area. My dream is to hang my own quilt on the wall above the couch. Each end opens out for a reclining chair and our TV is directly across from this, so it is very comfy to watch. I plug my computer right into the outlet on the left and enjoy both at the same time.

This is the dining area and it is too cozy. I'll be moving this table to the porch or lanai. P can use it for his card games.

I really can't decide what to take to Florida except our patio furniture and wicker love seats and a couple of end tables. I am just so undecided about adding a lot of stuff to a place that is very simple and clean and uncluttered. But, that said I still want to take a few personal things to make it more like home.


Pat said...

Lizzy it's a great place! You will have a great time adding your things to it. I love the idea of the quilt hanging on the wall with the sofa.

Lori K said...

I think a quilt is always a good idea! That way you could pull some of the colors from it to use around the other parts of the room. Cant wait to see the finished product!

Theresa said...

Beautiful house but you're right, it doesn't look like your home. Since you move back and forth, I'd just take your favorite things from the home you're in now. Something that whenever you look at it, you smile. Look around, you'll see it. Do love the idea of the quilt hanging over the couch.

Pat said...

Lizzy glad your back!!