Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Florida Dreaming", yes it is here, going South soon

Yes I really think it is a "going home" now. Returning to Florida is a good thing and we have made a home there and some good friends and have lots of activities we enjoy doing. Naturally we will miss our family, we have had a good summer with many great times. Wednesday night dinner and poker, our family dinners on the new deck and a couple of great mini vacations. We have also been blessed to have sold our travel trailer, boat and now a wood stove. Things are definitely coming together for us, as a couple. We remain full of gratitude for our many blessings. Today is one of those dark melancholy late fall days, wind and rain with a lot of the remaining leaves falling as I type.. I'll keep thinking of the Florida sun and wearing sandals. What a blessing..



Enfys said...

Looking forward to seeing you very soon, I hate to tell you this, but it's really cold here this week!

Pat said...

I hope you get out of here before the snow flies!!! LOL. Hang in you will be there soon.

Sarah C. said...

Hope the move goes smoothly! And that the weather there is nice and warm when you arrive. :)