Thursday, January 8, 2009

Now What?

Well now we have to get going on our plans for 2009 and also just for today or tonight, as it is past 5 o'clock.. Well actually I have been letting the days plan for me. I have been walking most mornings and then just moving from scrap table to around the house consulting with my husband on what he is doing, and answering the phone and making coffee and getting the mail and letting the dog out and etc etc etc,, I really makes you feel like you need to get a life.. I'm not really complaining although it sounds like it doesn't it? I did manage to organize my scrap area in our guest bedroom and it makes me happy to be there.. I have done 3 LO since then and I'm going to post them here right now.. night,


Pat said...

Lizzy, these pages are all gorgeous!! Great work. Love youe scrap room too.

tonya said...

so glad you are doing layouts..
sounds like my kind of life..

Sarah C. said...

Your scrap area looks great! Wonderful layouts. They are all beautiful! :)