Monday, June 1, 2009

I can't even begin to tell you what it means to see our grand daughter so happy and proud of herself after being one of the leads in her 5th grade play "Return of the Glass Slipper". The play was last Thursday and it was held in the Fabius-Pompey Middle School auditorium, which was the school my husband and I attended for high school. It was just Fabius Central HS then.

So much has happened this past two months and I am just now getting my act together to resume work on my hobbies, mainly scrap booking, quilting, gardening and cross stitching. I'm thinking of using my blog as a prompt to keep getting a lot done at a pace that is productive but pleasant at the same time. Most of the setting up is done and I can easily switch back and forth as the mood strikes. Today I'm off to shop for printer ink and paper so I can print a few of the play pics and then I am working on most recent pics with a few older one thrown in, as well as some pages that are in progress and need to be finished.

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Sarah C. said...

I bet she was thrilled to have you all there and for the beautiful costume you made. :)