Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You will love this old photo..

This is an old picture that I scanned and now you are seeing it. I want to do heritage LOs and this is a good one. My mom on your right and my aunt on your left.. I have no information about the occasion or the costumes, but it must have been important cause this has survived a long time and I don't have a ton of pics of their childhood.. It is amazing to me that they look so much like they did as grown women. They were live long best friends and my aunt was a second mother to me and my brothers and sister, as she had no children of her own.. Cant wait to print this out and get it scrapped.. I may do a digital too, but I want this on on paper.

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Pat said...

OMG!!! How wonderful to have such a treasure. Can't wait to see your los.