Friday, October 1, 2010

October is Here

Today would have been my mother's 93rd birthday. She was a Registered Nurse and a mother to me and my three siblings.. There was practically nothing she couldn't do. Her sewing was accomplished on a little black machine that only went forward and back. She made everything from pajamas to wedding gowns. She was a crocheter and made many beautiful items. Her home was always neat and clean, the old fashion way. Cooking was a way she showed us her love and caring. No one can even come close to her apple pie, apple crisp, cakes and turkey gravy. We still make some of her favorite dishes and love them more each time. She ran businesses and did the bookkeeping and tax prep. I could go on and on. I loved her and miss her and always will. If anyone tells me that I am like my mom, I consider that the ultimate compliment. Happy Birthday mom with all my love.

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Pea-tunia said...

If anyone tells me that, I consider it the ultimate compliment too!