Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Nice Day, no work

A nice day, but I didn't accomplish much. We bought our new faucet and that completes the stuff we must buy in advance of our kitchen being installed. I'm obsessed with decorating my little home and this kitchen is such a big part of our "open concept" home. I'm hoping that with this the focus will be on the balance more than the actual things and furniture that we will add. As with most things, time will tell all..I have to add pictures of the quilt I'm working on and also the cross stitch piece that I'm determined to finish this coming month. Stitch talk is the site that I enjoy sharing my projects on. Check it out.

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Enfys said...

Hi Norma, just popped over to say hello. Your kitchen is looking good, and the garden is spectacular. You should see ours, a sorry mess of soggy leaves and bare twigs! See you in april,
En xx