Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, Blood work day

This is my dearest husband. Picture taken in North Carolina where we stayed on our way home to NY. It seems that time is passing at warp speed. Today I'll finish quilting an old quilt and tomorrow if I am lucky I'll start on the next one to be finished this year, Paige's. I am so psyched to see it come together. Then I pack up all the quilting stuff and plan, plan, plan. I also took out the knitting in two items that I will never finish, but I may use the fabric in some other way. I saw the most interesting knitting book today. Knit a dog. If I had extra money I would have bought it. Very unique..

Yes today started with blood work and tomorrow, after I see Paige off on the bus to Eight Grade, I'll go off to the doctor for a checkup. It is not a fun time, but I will really try to cooperate and absorb what the doc has to say.

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Pat said...

Lizzy hi!!! It has been a long time! I love the look of your blog. You sound like you have been very busy. It was so good to "see" you today. Thanks for your kind comments.