Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday evening, early

To make scrapbook pages, or to make cards. Both are equally rewarding. I love the feeling you get when you finish or at least settle on a plan for your pages. The same is true for making a card.. with the cards, you get to use some of the multitude of products and tools you have purchased with the best of intentions. With the pages you get to look at all the wonderful pictures that give you the most pleasure and you can recall the moments that have touched your heart. So here I am caught between gettting down to business with the pictures or doing the cards that I want to do. My answer is to do exactlly what I want to do, hehe, that means that mostly during the day at home I'll putter with all of it. On Thursdays at our scrapping fest I'll make cards with stuff I take along with me. OK, you get the the meaning of this post. I'm, as usual caught between two worlds.

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