Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post Jury Duty, I'm back to my life.

Our 45th Anniversary was a wonderful time for us.  We traveled to  Niagara Falls, just as we did 45 years ago.  One of the beautiful things we did was visit the green houses that are located in the park on the Canadian side of the falls. Still stunning even later in late September.
 We will be selling our home in the spring and I think I'll document the doing here so I can watch progress and have some pictures for the sale.  Other things on my mind today are my granddaughter's having 4 teeth removed soon and progress on her orthodontia.
Our plan is to buy a motor home and park it most of the summer at our property in Pompey and take off on some trips throughout the season that we are home from Florida.  Currently I'm sorting out some favorite and family things that need new homes.  A few of these things will go to Florida, but that home is a different place for us than this one has been.. So for now we are feeling very blessed to even have the opportunity to do all this so that is what I'm going with.. the blessings we have received over the years we have been together.

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