Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another NEW adventure is starting

Here I am in front of our "sold" sign.  I am the happiest gal in the world right now.  Yes it is hard to leave a home that you have lived and loved in for 42 years. The yard especially is hard to leave, but the truth is, it is just too  much labor and expense to continue, especially because we only live here half the year.  We will be almost full time Floridians soon.  Our closing is in two weeks and so far we have done the last things to make the house ready for the new owner.  I no longer feel it is mine and I want the new owner to start out much better than we did here.  My kids were 21/2 and 2 months when we moved in.  Now they are in their forties.   Time marches on, right?

With less yard work to worry about, I can concentrate on my needlework and quilting more and I'll be asking for you input to spur me along.  I want the remainder of 2013 to be one of the happiest times in my life.  Of course we all know that wishing doesn't always make it so, but I can dream can't I? 

Have a wonderful day and stay warm (?), or cool and safe. Lizzy

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DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh How Exciting!!!!
I'm a Florida gal and Love, Love, love it here...
Can see why it was so hard to give up your Beautiful yard, it's just Lovely from the pics.... the new owners sure have a beautiful begining!
Good luck with all to come, sounds like your in the perfect frame of mind to make that happen too!!