Saturday, September 21, 2013

Here is the after, almost done, but not totally

 OK, Here real quick is the fast, fast styling of my new counter tops, which aren't installed yet in my (our) new dining area.  At least it feels new now that the new cabinets are installed..that happened on Friday.  Today we went to Dade City, Florida .  I needed the inspiration of a few of my favorite stores.  Prims and antiques and good food.  What a wonderful day.  These stitched items are some of my favs.  My sister stitched the two above and gifted them to me.

 This is one I did a few years ago and had framed and it has been in Florida since. 
 Here are the new base cabinets and uppers..  We will be having light rails added to the bottom of the uppers to match the kitchen, which is located directly to the left of the picture.

 Another view.

All the stitching in the right hand pics was done by me.  Well that's it so I'm happy you came by to take a peek. Stay safe,ok!  P.S.  if you have questions about the stitching I can supply you with the particulars if needed.


Pea-tunia said...

love the cabinets! can't wait to see the tops on!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Oh that looks Good!!!
The green you picked for the walls looks like the same green we pained our living & dinning rooms.. you really have some lovely pices out decorating the built in server. And the red chairs are So Good looking with the roster pillows... I just LOVE it!!!!