Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking forward to a New Year, are you?

 Selling our home of over 40 years was definitely a high light of this year.
 Stitching was a big part of the year and I'm hoping that next year 2014 it will continue to be my solace and inspiration.
 This one is done and framed.  I'll try to live by the motto, which I love and believe in.
This one is in my WIP pile and it is almost done.  Going to finish my PS Santa by New Year's Eve, tomorrow.  Then I'll just go on and choose one and finish.  I will keep you posted and be grateful for any inspiration you can give me.
Thanks for looking and going along on my little adventures. I enjoy you all so much and love to hear what is on your mind. Keep warm and safe. Until we meet again, Love Lizzy


diamondc said...

Happy Newyear


Sherry C said...

Lovely stitching! Happy New Year!