Thursday, February 20, 2014

Craft Closet Redo

This is part of the reorganization that I have been attempting.  In this space I have some scrapping items.  Many of the important items for scrapping are in my take along totes that I take to our weekly meetings.  I do some at home also, when I use my Cricket and Big Shot machine.
 In the drawers I have sewing scissors, attachments for my machine and some of my reference books.  I have a drawer devoted to smash books and one for painting and another for misc. things.  My knitting work, yarn and patterns are in the three green soft side boxes on top of the shelf.
I'm still working on the final touches and labels.  The rest of the space I use for storing my in process and finished scrapbooks.  When I finish the ones I am working on, I won't be doing any more.  Maybe small books or more smash books.. Well thanks for looking and tomorrow I'll be posting my Feb. Santa and the progress on the sheep.  Thanks for looking. Stay safe and warm.


Elizabeth said...

Hi, I'm just catching up with your posts after being MIA for a while. You seem to be making great progress in sorting out your craft closet. I find it pays to have a sort out every now and again, if only because it's a pleasant surprise to discover all those lovely goodies tucked away and forgotten. Do I read right? You are planning to give up scrapbooking ... if so, what are you planning to do with all your future photographs? Elizabeth xx

Lizzy said...

I believe I may just do small books or some digital also. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment.