Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Updated pictures of our home, needlework and Happy Easter.

 They started on the front of our house.  We weren't too happy about that, but a start is good.  The siding is gray and we will use white trim with black shutters when the work is done.  We will continue the white brick skirting around the whole house.  That may be in the future. 
 This will look so good when we have a chance to fix up the areas around the house with simple landscaping.

 Here is the sampler I'm working on.  I have a lot more done, this pic is old. Tomorrow I'll be working on it all day.  I know this will go in our bedroom near pictures of my beloved that are pretty far away.
I wish this little guy was real chocolate, but alas he is a very good (resin) ? bunny. 
Hoping and praying all your Easter wishes and hopes and prayers are answered.  With love and warm wishes to all.

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Jacquie Morris said...

Your sampler is beautiful .. smiles and Happy stitching:)