Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What is our camping life like?

  OK we have been "camping" for about a month.  I have settled into a routine that I really enjoy.  We have a couple of functions coming up and after that I will really start to do some of the things that I planned to do this summer.
It has been really rainy here, but I don't mind that.  I've joined the "Y" here and I've gone swimming twice and had a routine mapped out for me on the machines. It is a great place.  Mainly I have been stitching and visiting with my sister and our daughter's family.  This place is very secluded but so close to our little city that we don't lack for things to do or places to go if we feel like it.  My old friend and I have gotten together and had a wonderful lunch.  More to follow.
After I download my pics from my phone, I'll show my progress on my projects and what I am getting done.  That is the direction that I am going in now.
Thanks for sharing some time with me and come back and see me sometime.

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