Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Updated pictures of our home, needlework and Happy Easter.

 They started on the front of our house.  We weren't too happy about that, but a start is good.  The siding is gray and we will use white trim with black shutters when the work is done.  We will continue the white brick skirting around the whole house.  That may be in the future. 
 This will look so good when we have a chance to fix up the areas around the house with simple landscaping.

 Here is the sampler I'm working on.  I have a lot more done, this pic is old. Tomorrow I'll be working on it all day.  I know this will go in our bedroom near pictures of my beloved that are pretty far away.
I wish this little guy was real chocolate, but alas he is a very good (resin) ? bunny. 
Hoping and praying all your Easter wishes and hopes and prayers are answered.  With love and warm wishes to all.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Update Where did March go.

 Sorry for the rather bad picture.  This is not the progress that is current, but it is a try at letting you see what I'm working on now.
 This is my Sheep framed and up on the wall.  It all happened when I went "home" for a visit.  I was so thrilled to bring it back to Florida with me.
 This is how our front yard is shaping up for Spring.  I like the combination of pink dark purple white and green.
Finally God Bless America.  I like to display my metal flag.  Here it in the pot with some lilies.
Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I'm so glad this is finished.
chart by "The good huswife".  I used DEC threads.  Will have this framed when I am home.
Back to wash and packing.  Have a good week.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Sheep for me.

This is almost done. Hurray.  DEC  threads except the black.  It is cc black coffee.  The chart is The Good Huswife.   1807 Sheep.  Thanks for looking.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Craft Closet Redo

This is part of the reorganization that I have been attempting.  In this space I have some scrapping items.  Many of the important items for scrapping are in my take along totes that I take to our weekly meetings.  I do some at home also, when I use my Cricket and Big Shot machine.
 In the drawers I have sewing scissors, attachments for my machine and some of my reference books.  I have a drawer devoted to smash books and one for painting and another for misc. things.  My knitting work, yarn and patterns are in the three green soft side boxes on top of the shelf.
I'm still working on the final touches and labels.  The rest of the space I use for storing my in process and finished scrapbooks.  When I finish the ones I am working on, I won't be doing any more.  Maybe small books or more smash books.. Well thanks for looking and tomorrow I'll be posting my Feb. Santa and the progress on the sheep.  Thanks for looking. Stay safe and warm.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More of February

 This is the cross stitch project currently resting on the couch.  I stitch in the afternoons while watching all the old "Law and Order" reruns.  Oh my they all look so young now.  I just learned how to down load pics from my phone. So I'm posting these here to share.
 This is not a light dessert, but I needed some chocolate with walnuts.  We are eating little by little and not over doing it at all. A tiny piece is all you need. 
Found this material, Waverly, at Joann's the other day.  I'm making a cushion to go on top of the ottoman I have had forever.  Going on the sun porch with a tray on top to use as a coffee table.  Thanks for stopping by. 

February is here, so quickly I'm behind.

You say you are behind. I reply why yes I am.  I have yet to pick my Santa for Feb.  I have to make my light dessert for the month.  And, I am still unpacking boxes in the entryway and searching for my missing souvenir plates.
 However, hubbie and I did set up our case to sell some stuff at a local antiques mall.  We managed to find two new Stangl birds.  I think they look springy
 I'm slowly oh so slowly, arranging my craft items in the closet that holds most of the stuff.  Some of it is stored in bags that I take to scrapping each week.  The pictures are stored elsewhere. In this closet I have yarn, paper, memorabilia, sewing items and a lot of instruction books.  I had to go through all of them, naturally.  I have some of the cute sewing items on top of the three drawer cubes.
 We are having work done on the house, outside. All this has to be done before that starts.
I will be so happy when it is done, but meanwhile I am determined to enjoy the process of really pulling our home together.  Well thanks for joining me and please come back for a look at more finished projects and other stuff.  Thanks for coming over to visit.